RTI-Response to Intervention

RTI Coordinator
The RTI Coordinator responsibilities include coordinating all efforts related to academic Response to Intervention (RTI) services in the District, including working with Academic Interventionists to schedule Data Review Meetings in the schools each semester, scheduling and coordinating RTI Tutor training, management of the AIMsweb data system, and coordinating intervention efforts with both the Pupil Appraisal and 504 Coordinators.  The RTI Coordinator is responsible for working with the Academic Interventionist to develop procedures related to providing appropriate RTI academic services within the schools.  In addition, he works with the Federal Programs Supervisor to examine current RTI practices in relation to available funding to support intervention efforts.

 Academic  Interventionist

Academic Interventionist support LPPS schools in the RTI process by school administrators with direction and information relative to meeting the needs of struggling students.

Their support roles include monitoring the progress of Tier lll students and working with RTI tutors.

In addition, they coordinate the efforts of DIBELS benchmarking, Data Review Meetings each semester, training school personnel and weekly progress monitoring data.
RTI Triangle

RTI – Types of Students (Defined)

Tier I Students (Benchmark) – Tier I students are those students who respond well to basic instructional practices.  These are students who are benchmarked according to DIBELS and AIMSweb scores, grades, and standardized tests scores.

Tier II Students (Strategic) – Tier II students are those who are responding to basic instructional practices, but their academic scores are slightly below what is expected of their age appropriate peers.  Their deficits are evidenced by DIBELS and/or AIMSweb benchmark scores, grades, and standardized tests scores.

Tier III Students (At-Risk) – Tier III students are those who are not responding appropriately to basic instructional practices and who are performing significantly below what is expected when compared to their age appropriate peers.    Their deficits are evidenced by DIBELS and/or AIMSweb benchmark scores, grades, and standardized tests scores.

     RTI Parent Brochure 

 RTI Tier III Personnel at Schools
RTI Contract Tutors
At least two RTI contract tutors are available in each elementary school throughout the District.  The RTI tutors work 20 hours each week with students individually and in small group to provide academic interventions and progress monitoring to students determined to be at-risk in the areas of mathematics, written expression, and reading.  Their roles include providing Academic Interventionists with weekly progress monitoring data, documenting daily interventions, and working to support student improvement.  In middle schools throughout the District, at least one RTI tutor is employed to work with students who are struggling academically.
RTI Academic Interventionists School Assignments

Brenda Justice Denham Springs Eastside
Walker Elementary
South Fork
Doyle Elem

Dana Hutchinson
French Settlement
Gray’s Creek
Juban Parc
Lewis Vincent
Seventh Ward
Doyle Middle

Rachael Hood
Albany Upper
Albany Lower

Bridget Venable
North Live Oak
South Live Oak
Live Oak
Levi Milton
North Corbin Elem.
South Walker

Aimee Seale McGrew 
Albany Middle
Denham Jr.
French Settlement High
Juban Parc Jr.
North Corbin Jr.
Southside Junior
Springfield Middle
Westside Jr.
Monica Hanna
All high schools
Donna Ramsey
Live Oak Middle
 RTI Web Sites 
Florida Center for Reading Research www.fcrr.org  
Intervention Central  www.interventioncentral.org  
Math Fact Café  http://www.mathfactcafe.com 
Math Drills http://www.math-drills.com

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